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Attorneys trust ProntoParalegal™ to connect them with Paralegals and Other Support Staff to get the job done fast!


Tailored Resources

ProntoParalegal™ provides access to qualified Paralegals and Other Support Staff who are ready to get the work done for you.

Attorneys Manage Projects Easily

With our app-based project management tools, you have real time access to your projects with multiple sort criteria so you can easily track status.

Paralegals Manage Projects Easily

ProntoParalegal™ allows you to maximize your time and have someone else handle some of the case work.

For The Attorney

With ProntoParalegal™, you are in charge. You create, track, review, and approve the project. You can create as many projects as you want allowing you to maximize your workday and time. Our Paralegals and Other Support Staff can perform the work remotely or on-site depending on what your project requires.

Projects can range from answering phones to hearing/trial assistance to preparing motions and more. Download the app and start increasing efficiencies today!

For the Paralegal and Other Support Staff

With ProntoParalegal™, the opportunities are boundless. Use your skills, work when you want, and take home 100% of your earnings. You can accept as many projects as you can manage, thereby maximizing your time, all while gaining additional income.

Complete the project remotely or on-site depending on the project’s requirements. Projects offered to Paralegals and Other Support Staff may include answering phones, translating services, preparing various documents, hearing/trial assistance, and much more. Download the app and start earning today!

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User Friendly

Our app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. No special knowledge needed. Get started today by downloading our app!


Users receive push notifications, keeping the project on track and delivered on time.

Cost Control

Attorneys buy a package of hours and you decide how many hours each project should take.

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